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Tuesday, August 04, 2015

MW pirates on SW

A couple of evenings ago there was something out of the ordinary on 6238 kHz. Black Bandit (aka Abu Dhabi) was booming in loud and clear on the frequency. Nothing strange about that as he's always powerhouse strength over here and in most of Europe. However, the content of his broadcast raised my eyebrows a notch. 

You never quite know what's coming up next when Black Bandit is on air, but this time it was even more unexpected. He was rebroadcasting a qso from the top of the MW live on to shortwave. So, while I could hear Zender Johan on 1620 with a fair signal, it was loud and clear on 6238, although with the static and fading being received at the Black Bandit's location.

It was interesting to be able to hear reception somewhere else in the Netherlands other than via the SDR at Enschede. Also involved in the qso was Mustang, Vriendschap, Monte Carlo and Casablanca, all received here with similar signals.

Talking about Mustang, he was been busy a few times on MW recently, switching from SW where he can be heard most of the time. His signal is usually pretty good.

And while this qso was taking place on Sunday evening (August 1), Radio Snowman was busy with a music programme on 1655. Sure, he wasn't strong this time but I could hear him which was quite something considering he runs only 20 watts and conditions were far from great.

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