Tuesday, August 04, 2015

The secret sound - on MW

Well I just got a very nice surprise at the top of the MW band. 

Radio Borderhunter is a regular on SW and a station I've always enjoyed listening to. In fact, when I was away from the pirate scene during the early part of the last decade I sometimes had a quick scan around the 48 metre band on a Sunday morning or late on a Saturday night just to see who was about. And if I found the Borderhunter, I would stick with him.

Anyway, in a first for me, I'm currently listening to him on MW, on 1660 kHz using his Dutch name Grensjager. This is his first broadcast on the band for about eight years, apparently. He's currently trying out a half-wave dipole which he's just assembled. That's good news for us listeners outside of the Netherlands as we can look forward to a good signal in Europe, although domestic listeners are likely to have plenty of fading when they tune in. That is why the vertical coil is so popular over there and the antenna of choice for many of the MW pirates as the groundwave created with the coil is pretty good for covering plenty of the country, whereas the greater skywave with a wire antenna means the signal tends to go further afield. I'm not complaining though, as it means I'll be able to listen to the Borderhunter on MW!

There are plans for plenty of programmes on 1660 kHz during the next few weeks, so drop by on the frequency and have a listen.

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