Thursday, July 30, 2015

Time for a summer break

I'm down in the radio room with some souvenirs from the Netherlands - Amstel and a Fryslan bottle opener! Im winding down as I've got only more more day at work until more than two weeks holiday, and I'm listening to some MW action from across the water.

Vrolijke Mijnwerker is pretty strong on 1620 kHz, Pandora was on air on 1636 a few minutes ago, and earlier Calimero was doing well as usual on his regular slot of 1638 kHz. And Mustang has just signed on 1646 with a big signal.

These higher-power pirates all do well even when conditions are not at their peak. But last night there was some added interest when low-power Radio Rebecca was coming through on 1620 kHz.

I had a look at my logs and it seems I've not heard this station since January 2012, so it was great to catch him after so long. His signal was crossing the North Sea pretty well. Sure, there was some fading, but at the peak it was pretty good considering the time of year and the transmitter power involved. Have a listen to the recording and you can hear for yourself. It comes up particularly well at around the 50 second mark.

Rebecca was busy qsoing last night with various stations, including Quintus, Bonte Specht and Saporro, a trio who I also don't hear often, especially at this time of year. It seems propagation is slowly moving into autumn mode. Can't wait to start hearing the stations that don't make it during the warmer months.

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