Sunday, October 07, 2012

Powerhouse signal

Here's a video I made a few minutes ago of Radio Barcelona. Excellent reception . . .

It's good to listen

It's been a little while since I last posted on the blog and a couple of days ago I had an SMS from Radio Salo to ask if everything was okay over here. Well everything is certainly very good, but just a little busy with not enough time to listen to the radio as often as I would like. It seems there are not quite enough hours in the day right now and it is a busy time with my work. However, in a few weeks that will change and I will be tuning around the band much more often.

Last Sunday evening was very pleasant though, and I spent many, many hours working while listening to the Technical Man on 1620 via the SDR in Twente. For those listening closely, it was possible to hear him getting slightly more drunk as the hours passed by. It was late afternoon when I first heard him and around 0200 Dutch local time when he closed down!

As I write this entry on the blog I am sitting down in the radio room listening to Barones blasting in on 1625. I can smell fresh paint as the woodwork has had some attention and is now looking shiny and new. It will be good to spend more time in here again soon.

As well as the Baro, there is a big signal on 1650 from Moby Dick, and I've just heard Valencia on 1660 and Monte Carlo on 1620, while Keizer En Keizerin is playing plenty of English music on 1636. Around at hour ago, Zeewolf was doing very well on 1647 with 200 watts, coming in with a fine SINPO of 34543 and clear modulation. 

It's a busy night on the the MW band with good conditions here in the UK for listening to the Dutch pirates. Long may it continue!