Pirate Review

When I started getting interested in the hobby again after a long break, I made a long overdue visit back to the Netherlands. It was the summer of 2011. Full of renewed enthusiasm on my return home, I started the MW Pirate Review, a monthly download containing news and recordings made here in England.

The Review proved very popular, with the nine editions I put together downloaded many hundreds of times. If you never heard one, you can download them here. And when I have some more time I will put together edition number ten. Like all these things, they take so much time . . .

Listen to Pirate Review 1 (August, 2011)
Download Pirate Review 1

Listen to Pirate Review 2 (September, 2011)
Download Pirate Review 2

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  1. Hi David! Just noticed on my SoundCloud pages - your Promo is the MOST Downloaded! 44 times at the moment!!!!!!! https://soundcloud.com/pirate-radio-jingles/2015-promo-mw-free-radio-blog

    CoolAM Radio Productions
    the Netherlands