Sunday, November 29, 2020

Super Saturday

I spent plenty of time with the radio on Saturday as I was working on various projects that meant I could listen as well as get my other jobs done. The radio is such a great distraction - and the more I listen to these voices from all over the Netherlands, the more I remember why I enjoy this hobby so much.

Freq Time Station name SINPO

Saturday, November 28, 2020

1633 0530 Barcelona 55444 (m)

1670 1549 Digitaal 35333-45444 (m)

1647 1555 Professor Sickbok 35443 (q)

1629 1558 Nachtzwerver 25332 (q)

1645 1613 Marconist 23322 (q)

1633 1636 Bizon 24222-34443 (m)

1630 1744 Sapporo 35443 (q)

1668 1744 Concorde 35333 (m)

1655 1744 Belladonna 34343 (m)

1639 1745 Akai 24222 (q)

1645 1748 Turfsteker 25322-35333 (m)

1640 1751 Casablanca 55444 (q)

1639 1755 Admiraal 44444 (q)

1640 1807 Wegpiraat 35343(q)

1665 1836 Concorde 35443 (t) 

1635 1854 Linda 35333-45444 (m)

1625 1930 Blauwe Koe 55444 (m)

1611 1951 Veluwse Ster 45444 (m)

1675 1951 Technical Man 45444-55444 (m)

1660 2007 Concorde 35443 (m)

1652 2240 Moby Dick 44444(m)

1642 2240 Lotus 55544-55555 (r) 

1647 2249 De Klok 24322 (m)

1615 2250 De Klap 34433 (m)

1645 0002 Avia 25222 (m)

1620 0005 Philadelphia weak signal (t)

1625 0011 Turftrekker 45444 (t)

1634 0146 Polkaman 23322 (m)

(m) = station was broadcasting a music programme
(q) = station was qsoing
(r) = station asking for a reception report from another station
(t) = station was testing


  • A very busy day on the MW band with a stack of pirates on air and making their way to my radios here in England. Barcelona kicked it all off, coming in loud and clear with his regular Saturday morning programme on 1633 kHz. After being inaudible during daylight hours, signals could be heard again over here from just before 4pm and it was a nice surprise to hear Bizon for the first time in a while - he was testing with just 50 watts and doing well.
  • Radio Linda was on air during the evening with a long programme on 1635 kHz until just after 0100. This station appears on the band every now and again in memory of Radio Wadloper, who sadly died in March 2019, and features Jan’s daughter Linda at the helm together with members of the Pier Clan in Friesland.
  • There were lots of other stations broadcasting with music programmes throughout the evening, with Veluwse Ster delivering a powerful sound on 1611, and Technical Man blasting in on 1675 kHz - he sent me these photos direct from the studio while he was on air and has allowed me to share them with you:

The best signal of the day came from Lotus who was asking for a report late in the evening on 1642 kHz. There was no response from any other stations, but there was further activity to come, including a nice music programme from Avia on 1645 kHz and tests from 50 watt station Philadelphia on 1620 kHz and a superb sound from Turftrekker on 1625 kHz while testing some different sound processing equipment with the smaller of his transmitters. You can get a decent idea of reception over here from this video I made:

Friday, November 27, 2020

1625 1626 Napoleon 35443 (m)

1670 1706 Digitaal 45444-55555 (m)

1620 1719 Uniek 35443 (m)

1635 1729 Wegpiraat 35333

1655 1735 Vrolijke Mijnwerker 54444 (m)

1629 1741 Nachtzwerver 34443 (m)

1647 1800 Pacman 45434-55444 (m)

1660 1833 Belladonna 35333-45444 (m) 

1626 2106 Eigen Risico 35333 (m)

1636 2220 Mi Amigo 45334 (m) 

1665 2222 Armada 35333 (m)

1665 2237 Vrolijke Mijnwerker 55444 (m)

1645 2244 Nachtzwerver 45333 (m)


  • Lovely to hear Napoleon on air again this evening - his soothing voice is always a pleasure to listen to.
  • Back in the 1990s a station I heard a great deal of was Radio Pacman. He was a regular on shortwave back then, so it was lovely to catch the Pacman Show on 1647 kHz this evening. This is more regularly heard as part of low-power legal station Radio Eldorado’s output on 1467 kHz, so it was a great chance for pirate listeners to sample the programme tonight, courtesy of a relay via Mike Radio. There was lots of nostalgia, including offshore radio recordings, and the email address of was given. If you you are in the Netherlands, you can catch the Pacman Show every Monday to Friday from 17.00-18.00 via Eldorado and various other stations on MW and SW (check frequencies 801, 918, 1395, 3920, 3940 and 6195!)

Thursday, November 26, 2020

1640 1530 Barones 25322-35333 at 1626 (m)

1617 1621 Black Molly 25342, 45444 at 1823 (m)

1631 1638 Ros Am 45444 (t)

1640 1749 Drukstroomjager (m) 55444-55555

1629 1816 Dolfijn 35443-45444 (m)

1629 1942 Columbia 45444 (m)


  1. Nice write up, I was tuning in from South England as well to the eccentric Dutch phenomena. I put a horizontal dipole up in the garden (just on a fence)and run it into the house and they come in lovely.

    1. Excellent. Good to know there are other people listening in the UK!

  2. Yes listening now to 1660 : )(Casablanca? maybe) If people don't have a radio that goes up that far on the MW band they can also try it in their browser trying this online Dutch tuner set to AM under the volume and tune between 1600kHz and 1700kHz, not quite the same as an actual radio but easy way into hearing them. It is hard to feel in a bad mood with the Dutch accordions playing their uplifting melodies.