Sunday, November 29, 2020

Early start

I really enjoy this time of year with the shorter days and longer nights. One of the reasons is the extra time it gives for listening to the MW pirates from the Netherlands, so today I decided I would be early out of bed to have a good tune around. Here's what I heard, plus logs for later in the day:

Freq Time Station name SINPO

Sunday, November 29, 2020

1630 0543 Hemmeling 34443 (m) 

1647 0544 Telefunken 25332-35333 (t)

1611 0639 Utopia 25332-35333 (m)

1670 0650 Melkbus weak signal (m)

1620 0658 Noordster 35333 (q)

1620 0700 Blauwe Piraat 25332 (q)

1621 0703 Musky 24222 (q)

1630 0711 Vliegende Hollander 25222-35333 (q)

1629 0713 Bootsman weak signal - 25222 (q)

1645 0734 Marconist weak signal (q)

1635 0743 Boeren Zwaluw weak signal (q)

1646 0800 Eigen Risico 25222 (q)

1646 0819 Karel Doorman 25332 (q)

1660 0825 Digitaal weak signal (q)

1629 1557 Marskramer 35443 (m)

1660 1557 Digitaal 35333-45444 (m)

1620 1648 Uniek 25222 (m)

1647 1834 Barones 45444 (m)

1636 1852 Mi Amigo 34333-44444 (m)

1665 1852 Vrolijke Mijnwerker 45434 (q)

1665 1905 Concorde 25222-35333 (q)

1625 2255 Pandora 45434 (t)

(m) = station was broadcasting a music programme
(q) = station was qsoing
(r) = station asking for a reception report from another station
(t) = station was testing


  • I was immediately rewarded for not having enough sleep by hearing Hemmeling on 1630 kHz with a lovely music programme. I usually hear this station for only a few minutes at a time during qsos, so it made a great change to hear him today spinning a few records and sending out greetings to listeners.
  • When Hemmeling closed down it kickstarted a qso featuring a whole host of other stations, which was great fun. I heard some stations I don't catch very often - Boeren Zwaluw and Vliegende Hollander - and tracking them across the band was very entertaining. I must say a thank you to Pacman for helping me along the way.
  • Propagation conditions were not the greatest throughout the day, and were rather volatile during the evening. That didn’t stop Vrolijke Mijnwerker and Concorde making contact with Radio Romeo in Serbia once again - always great to hear these cross-language qsos!


  1. You are once more becoming prolific with your blogging!

    1. Hi Charlie. Thanks for taking a look and noticing all the different posts. It's been keeping me nice and busy over the last few weeks and now I've got into the habit of updating every day or so it's no chore whatsoever and I'm really enjoying it. Hope you are keeping well.

  2. Hi David.
    Nice to see your keeping your logs up to date as they help me with my Unid.
    Do you know whether Telefunken was still on 1647 at 6.18


    1. Hi there Paul. Id be 99% sure the station you heard was Telefunken, yes. Cheers and thanks for looking in here.

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  4. Thanks David,
    Look forward to more interesting logs and observations from you soon.