Monday, November 19, 2018

Quiet start to the week

It's 2330 local time in the UK as I write this and the top of the MW is quiet with no pirate signals to be heard so I'm listening to a local Gold station playing 80s music. 

The lack of Dutch stations has got me thinking if it's always so quiet at this time of year, so I've just had a spin back through some logs. Interestingly enough on Monday, November 13, 2017 I noted just four stations - the same as today - while on the corresponding day 12 months earlier my logs show eights stations. Back in 2015 there were seven Dutch pirates heard on this day. Seems like there's not too much to worry about then with no huge dip in activity levels - except having to listen to legal oldies stations late at night!

So, here's what I heard today and over the weekend: 

Freq       Time       Station SINPO

Monday, November 19, 2018

1612       1838       Atlantic 33433-44444 testing
1625       1856       Pandora 35443-45444 testing
1644       1912       Vrijevogel 24332 music programme
1636       1938       Mi Amigo 35443 music programme


  • A quiet Monday evening just like last week. Interesting to hear Atlantic testing on 1612 for the first time in a while. Signal and audio was very good on the peaks, although was dipping down sometimes. I suspect conditions were not quite as good as they have been recently
Sunday, November 18, 2018

1620       0600       Interpol 43433-45444 music programme
1620       0710       Noordster 44444 qsoing
1670       1707       Digitaal 45444 music programme
1656       1708       Arizona weak signal music programme
1620       1717       Sapporo 34433 music programme
1647       1728       Witte Tornado 45444 music programme
1626       1734       Uniek 33433-44444 music programme
1660       1831       Meteoor 45444 qsoing
1660       1833       Zee Piraat 25222-35333 qsoing
1660       1841       Vriendschap 35333 qsoing
1637       1844       Drukstroomjager 45444 asking for report
1620       2249       Alabama 45444 qsoing
1630       2251       Toulouse 35333 qsoing
1630       2256       Monte Carlo 25222 qsoing
1620       2304       Monte Carlo 35333 qsoing
1660       2311       Snowman 33333 music programme
1625       2349       Pandora 55444 music programme


  • Plenty going on today as you would expect for a Sunday, starting early and going through to the end of the day. Interpol again kicked things off with a programme on 1620 kHz, followed by a qso featuring Noordster
  • Witte Tornado used to be a Sunday regular until receiving a visit from the Dutch telecom authorities. Nowadays they are not often on air, so it was good to catch them this evening on their old channel of 1647 kHz
  • There was an interesting qso at dinnertime. Meteoor came up on 1660 kHz calling for Zee Piraat, who duly arrived on the channel for a chat, actually broadcasting from the sea. Twente pirate Vriendschap then joined in and it made a change hearing him at this end of the band as he can usually be heard on 1629 kHz. Drukstroomjager also joined the fun, albeit it down on 1637 kHz. These stations feature on this recording I put together after today's listening sessions
Saturday, November 17, 2018

1625       2220       Alpenjager (Groningen) 35333 music programme
1685       2225       The Ghoul 55555 music programme
1638       2227       Bluebird 45444-55555 music programme
1646       2230       Keizer en Keizerin 34443 music programme
1648       2232       Moby Dick 44444 music programme

  • I hadn't heard Alpenjager in a while, so it was good to catch him today. I'm always struck by how similar his voice is to Jeneverstoker, although I suspect that is down to similar locations and also that the station operators are of a similar age
  • The Ghoul on 1685 kHz was from the transmitter that has also recently been airing Bogusman programmes. The signal has been getting out well with good reception across the UK and out into the rest of Europe


  1. Getting busier as we approach the weekend. I too have heard Witte Tornado again on the usual frequency as well as some of your logged stations. Thanks for posting.

    1. Hi there Dave. Witte Tornado is on air again right now on the usual frequency with a good signal and loud modulation, and there are plenty of other stations on air as well. The opposite to this morning when I was checking the usual frequencies but heard nothing! It was interesting to catch the licensed Studio Dennaker on 1395 kHz with a good signal though, and that is coming through quite well again now. Thanks for your comment and please do keep popping in at the blog every now and again. All the best.

  2. Jeneverstoker and Alpenjager come usually together to the radio market in Emmen in February. I had a cup of coffee with them this year and last year. Very friendly and both using the famous VT tubes.


    1. Hi Herman. Interesting to read your comment. For me, both have very similar voices and also a very similar carrier when they switch on their transmitter - thanks to those famous tubes! I hope all is well over there. All the best.

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