Monday, November 12, 2018

Blue Monday

The first day of a new week draws to a close and I've spent the last hour listening mainly to Radio Bluebird on 1638 kHz, who is sending over a good signal tonight. The diet of music has been all Dutch so far, but perhaps some English tunes will follow shortly! While I wait for those, here are some logs:

Freq       Time       Station SINPO

Monday, November 12, 2018

1638       2252       Bluebird 45444 music programme
1629       2253       Spakenburg 25222 qsoing
1648       2254       Monte Carlo 25222 qsoing
1628       2259       Monte Carlo 25222-35333 qsoing

  • Conditions seemed to be some way down tonight compared to recent evenings. Spakenburg and Monte Carlo were considerably weaker than usual and Bluebird, while still pretty good, often hits the maximum sinpo reading of 55555 but was peaking at only 45444
Sunday, November 11, 2018

1625       2325       Pandora 55444-55555 music programme

  • I was working today and didn't arrive home until late in the evening so by the time I got to my radio the band was quiet - except for Pandora. When there is a powerhouse signal on 1625 kHz and the time in the Netherlands is after midnight, then you can be 90% sure you've found a transmission from Pandora. His superb modulation quality makes it a pleasure to listen to his transmissions through the big speakers down here in the radio room
Saturday, November 10, 2018

1638       2021       Turftrekker 35333 music programme
1647       2022       Kezier en Keizerin 35333 music programme
1620       2330       Moonbreaker 45444 music programme
1685       2330       Bogusman 55555 testing
1625       2330       Polkaman 25222 music programme
1645       2331       Wilskracht 35443 music programme
1652       2331       Moby Dick 34333-55544 music programme
1638       2333       Morgenster 25332-35443 music programme
1615       2334       Gedrocht van Twente weak signal music programme
1636       2344       Montecarlo 35333 qsoing
1620       2359       Vuilnisman 24222-35333 report for Moonbreaker
1620       2359       Montecarlo 33333 report for Moonbreaker
1630       0007       Montecarlo 35333 qsoing

  • Turftrekker has great audio and it was evident again this evening - nice and punchy with plenty of bass, but not too much
  • Bogusman was on 1685 kHz again, basically testing the antenna system, which is being refined all the time. Transmitter power tonight was only 25 watts, although there are plans for considerably more
  • There was a new name for me tonight with Vuilnisman - Garbageman - popping up on 1620 just before midnight with a report for Moonbreaker. This low-power station, broadcasting from Twente, is apparently not a new pirate but perhaps one that usually broadcasts during the daytime when signals from the Netherlands are unable to reach me

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