Thursday, May 12, 2016

1494 kHz

Something interesting has just cropped up on 1494 kHz. It's Radio Batavia from the Netherlands. The station has been busy on shortwave recently, mainly using 5890 kHz, but they are back on MW right now and being heard on this unusual frequency for the first time. 

There is a fair bit of Dutch pirate activity in the main MW band, especially on a weekend, but most broadcasts are made during the daytime when reception is not possible at our location in the UK, so it makes a nice change to hear an in-band pirate.  The signal right now is fair with a little bit of interference and fading, but it's certainly listenable.

Batavia's most regular frequency on MW is 1620 kHz, but they are no stranger to trying something different. Ive heard them on 1539, 1593 and 1512 before now. The output power is usually in the region of 200 watts, I believe, and results are generally pretty good. Keep an ear out on 1494 - now they've tried it with success I'm sure they will be back on the frequency again.

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