Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Inside a Dutch pirate studio

A regular low-power Dutch pirate at the top of the MW band is Radio Batavier. Broadcasting from Friesland, he's been active for many years now and can usually be heard several times a week with his low-power broadcasts. 

He's just got hold of a 'new' transmittter. Of course, it's actually very old but is a mainstay of the AM pirate scene. You wont visit too many studios in the Netherlands without seeing the SK010, which will give out somewhere in the region of 40 watts carrier power. This is the transmitter Batavier was using for his transmission on 1635 kHz on Monday night when he sent me these pictures from his studio as the music was playing out on the airwaves. Like he said to me, the set-up is very 'old school'!

The signal here on Monday was peaking with a sinpo of around 35333, which is typical for reception of the station despite the low power.

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