Saturday, February 06, 2016

Big sounds as the weekend kicks off

Im doing a bit of late-evening listening before hitting the bedroom, and there are some big sounds at the top of the MW right now on Friday night. Relmus is blasting away on 1655 kHz, while Mijnwerker is also very strong on 1640. Elsewhere, Polkman (1655), Odynn (1629) and Uniek (1622) are also doing well. It seems conditions are pretty good right now. 

I made a short video of the reception, so you can see just how the signals are being received over here:

Late last night I was also tuning around and heard Barones on 1626 kHz and Dinkelland on 1645. Both were very strong, but was what almost incredible was that I was able to hear them on this receiver:


I remember buying this novelty transistor radio about 25 years ago, but then I lost it for a couple of decades. My dad recently found it and handed it back, so last night I thought I would try popping it inside my old indoor loop. 

It was a bit noisy in the radio room what the the computers and monitors, so at around 2330 local time I took it out into the garden to see what I could hear. Imagine my surprise when, clear as a bell, I heard Radio Dinkelland coming out of the tiny speaker! And then a few minutes later came Radio Barones. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. 

It just goes to show you don't also need fancy receivers and antennas to hear something a bit different!

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