Sunday, December 06, 2015

Two strikes for Professor Sickbok

A few months ago MW pirate Professor Sickbok received a letter from the Agentschap Telecom warning him about his illegal transmissions and that if he was heard again he would receive a penalty notice. The station, from Twente in the east of the Netherlands, continued regular broadcasts on 1640 kHz and last Friday - December 4 - had a second visit from the Dutch telecom agency.

Although not confirmed, it is believed he has been ordered to pay in the region 2,500 euros and warned to stay off the air for the next five years. He was heard playing non-stop music in the early evening on Friday, a broadcast that could well have been his last for a good while.

This latest news comes soon after Radio Zeewolf, Dokwerker and Rode Adelaar received warning letters from the authorities, so it seems the crackdown continues. 

Professor Sickbok, named after a cartoon character from the Dutch comic series Tom Cat, always had a powerful signal here in England, where his voice was instantly recognisable on his regular frequency. 

We wish him all the best and hope he can continue to enjoy the radio hobby in some way. 

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