Sunday, December 27, 2015

Season's greetings

Season's greetings to one and all, and many thanks for stopping in on this tiny space on the internet to read my words.

I haven't spent a great deal of time listening to the radio during the last few days, but I have heard British pirate Radio Blackbeard with regular broadcasts up on 180 metres. I mentioned some months ago that he had been testing on the band, and it's great his signal is now getting out. He's had reports from across the UK and as far afield as Finland with his 100 watt transmitter, and the signal here has been pretty good at times even though conditions have not been particularly good.

It seems 2016 could be the year that sees more British activity on MW. Phazer from the south-east of England has been on 1512 kHz during the last few days as they often are at holiday times, and I understand UK shortwave pirate Pandora now has a MW transmitter with the antenna in place and ready to go with broadcasts around 1620 kHz+. In addition to that, I know of another British pirate who has been successfully testing around 1655 kHz during the last few weeks. 

The holiday season has of course seen plenty of Dutch pirates on the air, and some operators have been trying in-band frequencies. 1512 kHz is always a popular choice and has seen broadcasts from KerstmanNova 4 and Tempico, while Rietvink has been busy on 1476 and Kleine Cowboy has been using 1539. There has also been pirate activity on 1580 kHz. Hearing stations on these frequencies in the UK can be tricky, but it's always worth a quick check, especially early in the morning when conditions still allow reception, and when many of these stations are on air.

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I will update the blog with some logs soon, but in the meantime, I wish you all a peaceful end to 2015 and a very happy new year.


  1. And all the best to you too. Here's to a renaissance in UK broadcasting during 2016.

  2. All the Best for 2016 from NW England.

    Thanks for all your blog updates and tweets in 2015 and look forward to many more in 2016

    Happy New Year

  3. Thanks for the good wishes. Thanks for your interest in the blog, it's much appreciated. All the best.