Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Greece calling

Very good conditions on MW this evening with Dutch signals arriving well into England, and some strong stations from the Balkans as well. In fact, I've just been listening to Vrolijke Mijnwerker qsoing on 1620 kHz with a station from Thessaloniki in the northern part of Greece.

It's not very often you hear Dutch MW pirates qsoing with stations from another country, so it's been something out of the ordinary this evening. And what really caught my ear was when the Greek station started playing his recordings of Mijnwerker, who was incredibly strong at his side. And, in something of a coincidence, the station operator previously lived in Germany for some 20 years, so they were able to converse in German, along with some English words too!

There were plenty of other strong signals from the Balkans on various frequencies up to 1710 kHz. I just wish I understood some of the languages being spoken!

My listening day also began on 1620 kHz when I was tuned in to the breakfast show from Radio Nova 4. He was going strong at 0545 local time here with a huge signal of 55555 and was still strong when closing down at around 0630. He can often be caught at this time of day as he plays records for listeners getting ready for work and travelling to work. Many car radios can receive on the frequency, so he gets a fair few listeners.

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