Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Flying like an eagle

On Monday evening I heard the Twentse Adelaar qsoing at just before 1800 UTC. And later in the evening he was back on his regular channel of 1638 kHz to spin a few records into the early hours of Tuesday morning.

While he was broadcasting from the region of Twente in Overijssel in the east of the Netherlands, which is well known for its large number of pirate stations, I found out he has been active as a pirate on MW for some three years. He runs relatively low power at around 100 watts but as I've mentioned many times before, that is more than enough to put a decent signal across the North Sea and into the UK, and the Eagle was doing well last night.

As you can hear from this recording there is some fading, but some great peaks on the signal and pretty good for the power . . .

As the station was broadcasting I was sent some photos straight from the studio, which I have been kindly allowed to share . . .

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