Monday, July 07, 2014

Fire and Batavier

With some cracking weather in the UK last weekend we spent plenty of time outside. And on Saturday night, the bluetooth speaker was on the patio as we listened to Radio Batavier with a long programme on 1645. He had Wittereus in his studio and was on air for a good few hours playing music. We enjoyed a barbecue and then sat round the fire listening to a signal getting stronger and stronger as the sun went down . . .

Saturday night round the fire - with our
antenna mast in the background

A cracking sunset on Sunday

Batavier is back on air this evening, again around 1645 and with a good signal despite conditions before far from optimum and plenty of static on the band. Also active and audible here are Armada (1611 kHz), Bluebird (1638), Studio 69 (1655) and Soerabaya (1622).

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