Sunday, June 22, 2014

Great Sunday

So today we were busy at a car boot sale, selling some old items we found in the loft and turning them into money. And of course, Lisa could not help having a little look around at some of the other cars. And you'll never guess what she found . . . 

The pirate scarf - this season's must-have accessory!

Perfect for our trip to the Netherlands next month!

It was barbecue time when we got home, and what better way to enjoy some time outdoors than with a soundtrack from Radio Barones. With a little help from the remote receiver at Enschede (too earlier for reception on my own radios) and a bluetooth speaker we were listening to the Baro on the patio in perfect quality on 1593 kHz.

As I write these words it's around 1830 UTC and while there are only faint traces of pirate activity at the top of MW, there are some good signals on SW, including Foxfire (6240), Joey (6290) and Pink Panther (6803). Hopefully the propagation will be with us later on MW.


  1. I hope you caught the MW signals later ?

    If not, it's good to know the nights are drawing In, even if tonight the rain is making it darker !

  2. Hi Dave. Yes, caught a few MW stations later on Sunday evening, including a nice catch of Pecon in qso with Mijnwerker. Very quiet on band since though. These long days are great for being out in the garden, but not for pirate listening!