Monday, April 07, 2014

Wet wet wet

It's been a wet day here at our location in the UK, particularly this afternoon when heavy rain lashed down for a couple of hours. 

Our mast with inverted V antenna

I was working at home and today and looking forward to listening to some pirate action on SW, but conditions were far from good, and the only station I heard was Telstar on 6285, who was putting in a decent signal as the sun began to go down. Before that, I listened to the internet stream of Radio Caroline North, currently broadcasting from the Planet lightship in Liverpool's Albert Dock with a one month RSL on 87.7 MHz. Very nice to hear the generator close down completely three times while I was listening - now that is an authentic pirate sound if ever I heard one.

I was hoping propagation would improve throughout the evening, but as I write this, conditions are not good. The top of the MW band has the odd Balkan pirate coming through, but there is nothing else to hear. Batavia has just closed down on 1611, but his signal was not as good as it often is, peaking at a sinpo around 33333. A little earlier I also heard Studio 69 qsoing with Oldtimer, who was doing really well, beating conditions in style with a super signal, as you can hear on this recording . . . 

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  1. Thanks for pointing out Radio Caroline North.
    I cannot hear 87.7 on the portable radio here but I'll try on the car radio as I navigate the outskirts of Liverpool.
    Anyway, back to their stream !