Saturday, April 05, 2014

Nice catches

It's just hit Saturday morning and I've been listening to the Dutch sounds at the top of MW for a few hours. Bluebird on 1638 kHz is currently coming out of the speakers as though it was broadcasting from the next town - this is consistently one of the strongest stations I hear. 

There were some other powerhouse signals on the band on Friday night. Barones was blasting on 1611 and there was a nice surprise on 1640 with a broadcast from Relmus. He used to be a regular at this time of the week but has not been on air so much recently. He was together with Wadloper and Batavier with a nice show. You can get an idea of reception here from this recording . . .

It was pretty quiet for a Friday night, with only a handful of stations. It was great to hear Soerabaya on 1622 and then 1626 testing a few things out and sounding good with his new vintage microphone:

New to the Soerabaya collection, and with original box

Just as Soerabaya was thinking about closing down, a signal came up on 1624. I listened to most of his short broadcast, and right at the end came an ID - it was Hemmeling. The last I heard he was using a transmitter with 2 x 807 valves and around 100 watts of power. The signal this time sounded more powerful. You can judge for yourself with this recording, which also features Polkaman and Bluebird as I scan the band

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