Monday, April 21, 2014

Nice start to the bank holiday

I was down in the radio room at just before 0600 utc this morning and I had a nice surprise when I tuned to the top of the MW band. I didn't expect to hear anything from the Netherlands as the sun had risen and it was fully daylight. However, there was some audio on 1619, followed by music on 1646 and more on 1655. None of the signals were particularly strong, but just to hear stations at this time at our location in England was noteworthy. With a little help from the SDR at Enschede, I found out that the station on 1619 was the Zwarte Bouvier and the signal on 1655 was Radio Twentana. I'm not sure who the other station was - just somebody testing as there were no announcements.

After the signals on my radio had completely faded I spent a few hours listening to the Dutch activity via the SDR and enjoyed hearing a few stations I haven't heard for a while. Zender Johan was busy playing records, while Ijsvogel was also on air, and various stations including Black Power were qsoing. And during the afternoon Utopia was airing a music programme on 1611 and Barones was busy on 1640.

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