Friday, January 10, 2014

Mustang and Monopoly

I've had a little time off work this week, getting some jobs done around the house, spending time with the family and of course listening to the radio a little. And at around 5pm today I switched on the Lowe HF150 in the living room while I was having a game of monopoly on the iPad - and I found an enormous signal on 6295 kHz with supreme modulation. I listened and soon heard a voice I recognised - it was Radio Mustang from the east of the Netherlands. 

I stayed tuned until he closed down, and it was a very fine listen - the sort of solid signal you can enjoy while doing other things and so strong sometimes that it could almost be a local station. It's nice to hear pirates coming through so well when conditions are not at their best. 

And after Mustang closed down was Radio Pluto, using somewhat less power but still coming through with a fair signal. I look forward to the days when AM propagation is more favourable for listening to stations like these.

Right now I'm listening to the top of the MW band - my usual port of call during the late evening. King of the band right now is Vrolijke Mijnwerker on 1625, while Bluebird has his usual strong signal on his regular slot of 1638. A bit higher up the band on 1671 is Viking and Tante Foeke, while Professor Sickbok and Zwarte Schaduw were having a qso a few minutes ago. Down on 1512 is Wesley and Denappel, fighting it out with a legal station, but fading up quite well every now and again.

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  1. Here in Bristol, Radio Bluebird was coming in loud and clear on my mum's old domestic receiver, giving it really nice modulation.


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