Sunday, January 12, 2014

International flavour

It's Sunday evening at around 2300 utc and I'm listening and watching pirate radio right now. Sluwe Vos is keeping me entertained on one screen courtesy of his webcam while he is live on 6220 kHz, and I'm writing these words and making a note of activity on MW on another screen here in the radio room.

It's pretty interesting at 1610+ right now, with a mix of Dutch and Balkan amateurs to listen to. There is what sounds like a Greek pirate on 1611, peaking at around S5 here on the Kenwood R5000, and at 42% on the Dutch-style meter with some very clear announcements but it is always tricky to identify these stations.

There was a Dutch station on 1615 that closed down a few minutes ago, so the next activity is on 1629, again from the Balkans and coming in very well indeed at around S7 and 50%. It is one of the most powerful I have heard from the area for some time. You can listen to a short recording here.

The strongest pirate signal right now though belongs to Bluebird on 1638 kHz, while Witte Tornado (1647) and Uniek (1649) have been doing pretty well although interfering with each other from time to time when the wide filter is used. 

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