Monday, December 30, 2013

Interesting frequency

It's 1730 local time here in the UK and I've just come down to the radio room to see what pirate activity is going on. The first station I've found is Radio Eldorado on 1611 playing a few records, while the Zwarte Boekanier is busy with his regular Monday programme on 1630 kHz. Perhaps most interesting of all though is Radio Digitaal, who is testing on the unusual frequency of 1730 kHz.

The Kenwood R5000 tuned in to 1730 kHz

Radio Digitaal at 50% on the Dutch-style signal meter

I've heard stations from the Netherlands using 1690 and even 1700 before, but I think this is the first pirate I have logged on such a high part of the MW band. The good thing about being up there is that you are free from any interference from other pirates. As I write, the SINPO is somewhere around 45434 with some nice old pirate tunes. I wonder if more stations will creep higher up the band as MW becomes busier and busier with more FM pirates making the switch because of the high fines they face if caught?

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