Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas listening

During all the festivities I've managed to listen to the radio for at least a few minutes every day. Last night there were some powerhouse signals from Relmus and Barones, who has been very busy during Christmas, usually on 1611 kHz.

We were listening in the living room last night, with some festive snacks and drinks close by . . .

Essentials for Christmas pirate listening

Also coming in well last night was Radio Spakenburg and the Witte Tornado, while Polkaman was doing well on 1665.

1476 kHz was busy on Christmas Day and Boxing Day, with the Farmers on air for many, many hours. The signal here was pretty good and it seems this frequency is now very usable when it comes to listening at our location in the UK. A few weeks ago I was getting some interference on the channel, but it now seems pretty clear, so I look forward to hear much more pirate activity on there in 2014.

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