Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Team Wadloper

The top of the MW band is very quiet right now and I have been listening to Wadloper on 1643 for some time. He is booming in on the communications receiver, but also audible on the tiny portable radio next to the bed - with no antenna.

Wadloper is not alone tonight and is currently accompanied by Relmus, Witte Kat and Einstein. And a little earlier, Batavier was also in the studio. It seems he was delivering a new modulation transformer, which might just explain the new more powerful sound of the station. A great signal is always a good start, but when it is accompanied by super modulation, that is the complete package. Here are a few pictures just sent to me straight from the studio:

Now the shorter days are starting to arrive, the late afternoon and early evening is a great time to listen out for Dutch pirate activity. Stations were crossing the North Sea to our place in England at around 1500 utc today, and yesterday (Monday) there was a huge qso at around 1700 which included some stunning signals from the likes of Napoleon, Brugwachter and Spanningzoeker. And the great thing about being able to hear stations earlier in the day is that some different names start cropping up. For example, it was nice to hear Vendor, Dr Bloe an Flevojager yesterday. 

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