Sunday, October 06, 2013

Happy days are here again

I've just been listening to Jan De Roos on 1655 kHz with a reception report for Radio Barones. As he was talking he was playing 'Happy Days Are Here Again' - and that is probably just what many people thought when Barones returned to the airwaves last Sunday (September 30, 2013).

Barones had been off air for the whole year, but made his return on 1575 kHz before moving to various frequencies around 1611. He was on air for many hours testing out equipment that had not been used for over nine months. His antenna was a temporary 45 metre longwire. Everything was far from perfect, but it was tremendous to here this legendary pirate back on the air. And today, he was back again!

The antenna today was his old inverted L, and many of the modulation problems Barones had last weekend were gone. Before the sun had set here in England he was coming through very well. And as the sun went down his signal was booming. I made a recording as he was chatting to other stations in a qso. Click on the YouTube video and you will hear Baro, and also Brugwachter and Dageraad with reports for him.

Welcome back Barones!


  1. yes , great to hear Barones back on MW, I also enjoy the programs of Utopia, can you let me know the latters email as I'd like to send him a report. I got a nice QSL card from him maybe 20 years ago, so a report is overdue!


  2. I shall be listening out for Barones. Here in Bristol, Radio Napoleon was putting in a kicking signal on 1620 kHz on Sunday evening (6th October) for a considerable time: during good peaks, they sounded like a local AM station!