Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Celebrating a pirate legend Part three

Today as I continue my week-long look back at Radio Barones, we stop off at May 22, 1993. Ace Of Base were top of the charts in the UK with All That She Wants, and the Baro was going strong, in his 20th year on air. At that time I used to send 7inch singles to the man behind the microphone as they were difficult to get hold off in the Netherlands and he was keen to play vinyl, rather than CDs. It was the same story with other stations, too, and I was often in my local Woolworths buying records to send across the North Sea. Even now I can listen to Dutch MW pirates and hear those records being played on the air that I bought two decades ago.

Today's recording is shorter than the previous two as Barones is in qso mode, talking with Radio Pelikaan, who also used to broadcast from the Achterhoek, and with Toekomst, who can still be heard from time to time

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