Thursday, September 05, 2013

Celebrating a pirate legend Part four

Well I know Mr Barones has been raising a bottle or two this week in celebration of keeping his station going for four decades. It's a tremendous achievement, and he tells me he has been enjoying listening to the recordings here on the blog.

Today we spin back in time 19 years, although I can't be exactly sure of the date. This recording wasn't made by me, but another Barones fan here in England - so many thanks to you. It's an interesting one to listen to for me as there is talk of Radio Delta listening in England. He was staying with me at my parents house for a holiday after I spent a few days at his place the previous year on my first visit to the Netherlands.


  1. thanks mw pirate fan, was good to hear my recording here, best wishes to baro.

  2. Hello! Of course, I wish the next 40 years on the air for Radio Barones! Great Radio, Great Person!

  3. 40 years! Not bad, Baro! Congrats! I actually (vaguely) remember this programme/QSO. I was listening to the Baro most weekends in 1994... Radio Barones was – and still is – a very good radio station! Best wishes from a listener in Norway.

  4. Thanks for posting. It was interesting to hear Barones promoting frequency for the station, Utopia, half way through this recording too. A kind and generous response I thought - good on you Baro.

  5. Yes, thanks for the great week of postings marking Radio Barones at 40. All too often, pirate radio stations' massive contribution to broadcasting history is forgotten in the official accounts, and the great thing about the internet is that we can mark the output of free radio stations.

    Happy Birthday Baro!

    Right, whose anniversary is next? I know that Radio Casablanca was going as early as 1977 - any other offers?