Sunday, August 18, 2013

Late-night movies

I was working late on Saturday and didn't arrive home until around 0030 local time. I had been tipped off by Wire UK earlier in the evening that some Balkan pirate stations were skipping in nicely at the top of the MW band, so I thought I would have a quick listen around. Instead of heading to the radio room, I switched on the old 1950s Pye valve radio in the living room as I had earlier wired it up to the outdoor loop antenna.

Indeed I could hear some Balkans coming through quite clearly and with little fading. And I could also hear plenty of Dutch pirates. There was a qso between Barcelona, Monte Carlo, Digitaal, Romax and Jeneverstoker. Also on the band was Moby Dick with his regular Saturday night broadcast on 1648.

It makes a nice change to listen on an old radio set designed for the listener rather than dxer. The audio quality is so much more pleasant on the ear than a communications receiver and it is a calming experience to tune in to illicit broadcasts late at night with nothing more than the glow of tuning dial lighting up the room. 

I made a few short films of the reception:

You can see more of my videos by going to my YouTube page here

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