Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Early-morning treat

It's not very often I am early from my bed. However, on Tuesday morning I was awake at 0530 local time to answer a call of nature! I walked by the living room and thought I would have a very quick check on the MW band to see if any Dutch pirates were around. I didn't expect to hear anything as it was already light outside and I've never heard a station during the summer at such a time of day before, only in the winter when the sun rises much later. However, straightaway I heard music - Dutch music! I had a quick check on the SDR in Twente and I saw a signal at 1630. The music was the same as I could hear on my own radio. I listened for a while until the signal faded away. But then it came back again and I stayed tuned in for nearly an hour. Finally came the identification . . . it was Dageraad Radio - the first Dutch pirate station I have heard early in the morning during the summer on MW!

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