Saturday, March 02, 2013

One for the Guinness Book of Records?

Good day from England! I am happy to report Friday night has been a good one for listening to the Dutch pirates, with plenty of activity and good signals. Here is what I've heard . . . 

Friday, March 01, 2013
1655       1739       Dikke Betta 45444 music programme
1620       1741       Sterrekijker 45444-55555 music programme
1646       1742       Zwarte Bizon 25332 qsoing
1646       1744       Mustang 35443-45544 qsoing
1645       1806       Relmus 55544 music programme
1648       1826       Casablanca 44544 qsoing
1647       1833       Zeewolf 33543 qsoing
1640       1911       Jonny Pecon 44444-55544 asking for report
1640       2105       Veronica (Westerhaar) 34533-44444 music programme
1656       2150       Calipso 55544 music programme
1670       2150       Matrix 35543 music programme
1656       2222       Noordzee at same time as Calipso!
1623       2244       Twentana 35433 music programme
1630       2311       Zeehond 24332-34443 music programme
1655       2356       Jeneverstoker 33333 qsoing
1638       2357       Calipso 55544 qsoing
1665       0035       Vroljke Mijnwerker 55544 music programme


  • If you think the antenna mast on the Sterrekijker qsl card looks high, you would be right. From top to bottom is indeed 60 metres high. In the Netherlands, many FM pirates have antenna masts at this sort of height, some as tall as 100 metres. However, for a MW antenna to be so high is quite rare and perhaps Sterrekijker (Stargazer) has the tallest MW mast in the Netherlands? Does anybody know any different? The antenna was certainly doing a fine job on Friday evening as his signal was booming in here from quite early and hit the magic 55555 sinpo
  • Very nice to hear Veronica with a long music programme on 1640 and some great peaks on the signal. He might have been surrounded by some powerhouse signals, but he was coming in loud and clear. Take a listen to his signal by clicking here
  • Relmus and Calipso were ruling the airwaves for much of the evening with their music programmes. Relmus was joined in his studio by the Wadloper and Witte Raaf, together with some FM pirates. And in the east of the Netherlands, Matrix was joined by Batavier as they hosted a joint programme
  • There were some other impressive signals during the evening, with propagation conditions better than recent nights. Dikke Betta was strong and Jonny Pecon was coming in very well also. Listen to a recording of him here
  • Late on Friday evening, Zeehond was playing away on 1630 with a fair signal here, and the Vrolijke Mijnwerker brought the night to a close with some late-night music on 1665 with the usual booming signal
Radio Barones has been missing from the band this year, but as I write these words some old recordings of his fine programmes can be heard at Happy memories

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