Sunday, January 27, 2013

Low power is king

Good evening from England, where the snow has been replaced with rain. And last night the antennas were rattling as the wind speed reached nearly 50mph. But I'm happy to report everything is still standing and the pirates are still coming in loud and clear. This afternoon I was listening to shortwave and to Focus International blasting in on 6285 kHz with a super signal. And this evening I have been listening to the Dutch pirates on MW where conditions have been very fine, with low power stations coming in very well indeed.

Tonight, Bravo Sierra (12 watts), Sluwe Vos (25 watts), Uniek (90 watts) were all arriving across the North Sea very well as conditions were perfect for us. Here are tonight's logs and some other recent catches . . .

Sunday, January 27, 2013
1615       1747       Batavier 34433 (45444 at 2115) music programme    
1647       1748       Witte Tornado 44544-55555 music programme
1651       1759       Uniek 33433 at 2110. 44444 at 2230 music programme
1660       2110       Bravo Sierra 24322-34433 music programme
1670       2114       Sluwe Vos 24322-34433 music programme
1665       2115       Polkaman 24422-35433 music programme
1620       2120       Cowboy 55544 music programme       
1655       2131       Black Bandit? 55544 testing
1635       2159       Relmus 55444 music programme
1650       2223       Monte Carlo 42542 report for Witte Tornado
1643       2237       Monte Carlo 44433-45444 music programme
1656       2331       Jeneverstoker 33433 qsoing

Monday, January 21, 2013
1688       2204       Armada 44444 music programme
1638       2204       Calipso 55544 music programme
1650       2208       Monte Carlo 34433-44444 qsoing
1656       2215       Noordzee 45544 qsoing
1647       2228       Noordzee 35443-55544
1647       2233       Monte Carlo 44444 qsoing
1611       2245       Twentana 22532-34543 asking for report
1648       2249       De Nostalgie 35433 asking for report
1631       2253       Albatros 25432 qsoing
1655       2256       Wilskracht weak signal qsoing
1633       2259       Barcelona 55544 qsoing
1648       2329       Casablanca 43543 qsoing


  • As I write these words, Uniek is still busy with his music programme on 1651 with reception very good. He is running the same power as usual but has made some antenna adjustments. Click here to listen to a recording made at around 2230 and you can hear just how good he is coming in

  • Witte Tornado was booming in when I first heard them during the early evening and were even stronger when closing down at around 2220. Super reception, just like Relmus, who reported the swr on his antenna was not good. That did not stop the usual superb reception, often like a local MW station
  • It was good to hear Monte Carlo with an English music programme on 1643 and lots of talking. More of the same please!
  • Sluwe Vos received reports this evening not only from the UK, but from Norway and France. Like he said to me, that sort of occurrence is regular with low power shortwave broadcasts but for MW it is something special
  • Last Monday I heard De Nostalgie for the first time. He was on 1648 and asking for a report, but nobody came back to him. His signal was pretty good here on the peaks. A recording can be found here
  • Also last Monday, Twentana was reaching our location for the first time on MW. There was some occasional interference from the legal stations  on 1602 as signals faded up and down, but overall the reception was fine. We also recorded his signal, which can be found here

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