Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sunday night entertainment

As I mentioned before, conditions earlier in the evening for reception for the Dutch pirates were not great here in England. However, as the evening progressed, signals started to get stronger and there was plenty of entertainment on the band, headed up by the powerhouse signal of Radio Relmus . . .

Sunday, January 20, 2013
1671       1820       Viking 24532 (later 35433) music programme
1620       1834       Anton 35543 music programme
1647       1835       Wadloper 34533 music programme         
1611       1835       Technical Man 35533 (later 45534) music programme
1651       1836       Uniek weak signal music programme
1619       2116       Cowboy 45433 music programme
1624       2119       Rebel 23432 music programme
1663       2121       Polkaman music programme
1647       2130       Relmus 45444-55534 music programme
1656       2147       Matrix 33422 music programme
1629       2149       Babylona weak signal
1512       2200       Winnetour 22532-33543 music programme     
1638       2218       Calipso 55544
1647       2323       Casablanca 44534 asking for a report
1655       2352       Jeneverstoker 35543 qsoing


  • 1647 was busy for most of the evening, starting off with Wadloper and followed straight after by Relmus. Both signals were good, but Relmus was stronger, blasting in here with some fading the only negative
  • Technical Man was busy on 1611 last Sunday evening and was back again for more tonight. In fact, as I write this at 2340 UTC, he is still going strong. Again, the signal is good with fading
  • Conditions clearly improved later in the evening as low power stations Rebel, Matrix, Polkaman, Jeneverstoker and Babylona could all be heard. Rebel often uses around only 30 watts and was peaking very nicely. He was also heard in Sweden
  • Winnetour was a new one for me. 1512 is never a good channel during darkness as plenty of legal stations can be heard around that channel which causes all sorts of problems when trying to hear the pirates. However, for a few minutes Winnetour peaked up quite well. Click here for how he was sounding while playing a German version of Wooden Heart


  1. Hello there. I'm based in Bristol and have been a radio listeners since 1981 (when I was seven) and a regular listener to the pirates since discovering Laser 558 and Caroline 576 in 1984. I first heard a Dutch AM (landbased) pirate in 1992 (Radios Pirana and Barones). In recent years I have become much more interested in the Dutch AM stations, particularly as FM piracy in urban areas seems to be being eclipsed by internet radio.

    Last night, (Sunday 20th January) I heard Radio Relmus and Radio Calypso on a transistor radio with no external antenna, both fading, but at times clearly audible. Audio was quite nice on both stations.

    Legal stations I heard overnight included London Asian ILR Station Sunrise Radio (1458) and a clear signal from Deutschland-Funk on 1422 kHz.

    Before Christmas, I managed to hook Radio Seagull on 1395 kHz from the last working radio ship in Europe from the Waddenzee, but that outlet seems to have been switched off now.

    Cheers for now


  2. Hi Terry

    Many thanks for your words.. interesting that you were able to hear Relmus and Calipso with no antenna last night. It never fails to amaze me what is possible.

    Can you drop me an email Terry... I would like to talk further.

    Mant thanks