Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The breakfast show

There was another breakfast show to listen to at the top of the MW band this morning. At around 0700 I found Radio Noordzee on 1629 kHz and stayed listening to his requests and dedications until closedown at around 0800. The great thing about listening at this time of the day is that the noise level is low, so signals can come through very well. The typical SINPO was around 35533, but sometimes peaking higher and sounding very good indeed.

Here are some more stations from the Netherlands heard recently at our location in England. All were heard using the Lowe HF225 and Wellbrook 1530s outdoor loop antenna

Saturday, November 10, 2012
1650       1914       Moby Dick 44544 music programme
1633       1915       Verona 43543 music programme
1636       1915       Keizer En Keizerin 33533 music programme
1656       1916       Albatros 34533 music programme
1645       1920       Grutte Pier 34543 music programme
1671       2220       Barones 55534 music programme
1625       2235       Relmus 44534 music programme
1616       2240       Batavier music programme
1648       2248       Readymix 33533 music programme
1625       2309       Monte Carlo 32532 qsoing (same time as Relmus)
1696       2318       Polkaman 24422-35533 music programme
1659       2330       Monte Carlo 34543-44544 asking for report
1655       2347       Spakenburg 45444-55544 qsoing
1633       2357       Barcelona 54534 qsoing
1656       2358       Soerabaya qsoing
1656       0012       Romax 34433 qsoing
1640       0017       Pecon 44534 qsoing
1640       0023       Professor Sickbok 34533 qsoing
1657       0027       Jeneverstoker 32532 qsoing


  • Now the clocks have changed and it is getting dark earlier and earlier, reception of the Dutch pirates is possible from as early as 1400 in the UK. By 1900, signals are usually up to full strength. Particularly strong on Saturday night was Moby Dick who was on air with a very long programme. Click here for a superb recording made towards the end of his show in the early hours of Sunday morning
  • Saturday was very busy on the band and some frequencies were quite congested. However, once things began to calm down a little, some really good signals came through and it was possible to listen using wide filters. I made two recordings of Spakenburg. Click here for the first recording when the radio was set to the widest 10kc filter. Click here for the second recording with the 7kc filter, which I what I try to use as often as possible
  • A station I don't hear too often is Pecon, but he was coming through very well on Saturday night. Click here to take a listen

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