Saturday, November 10, 2012

Good start to the weekend

There was a nice surprise on the radio this morning. When I woke up at around 0700, I switched on the Sony 2001d next to the bed and had a quick tune around at the top of the MW band. There was a huge signal on 1633 with strong modulation. It sounded like it could be Radio Barcelona and, after a few minutes, sure enough came the ID. This was the first time Ive heard him at this time of the day, and it was a very fine signal, peaking at the maximum 55555. 

Barcelona stayed on air for a while playing some Dutch music before closing down and having a qso with Rocking Billy, Noordzee and Blauwe Piraat. By around 0800 the signals had dipped a little as the conditions started to change, but Noordzee was coming through with 44533 and Rocking Billy with 35533. 

I will be tuning around early tomorrow morning to see what's on air. Zonnester is usually busy on 1620, so hopefully I will hear him for the first time this autumn.

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