Saturday, June 09, 2012

Easy listening

Well Friday night on the MW band was a real pleasure. Conditions were good from around 2100 UTC and there were several stations on air with music programmes . . .

Friday, June 8, 2012
1646       2107       Vrolijke Mijnwerker 45534 music programme
1665       2107       Polkaman 24532-35543 music programme
1640       2117       Grutte Pier 33533-45534 music programme
1629       2118       Rebel 25532-35543 music programme
1670       2120       Matrix 34533 music programme
1653       2150       Barones 55544-55555 music programme
1640       2151       Professor Sickbok 35533-45544 music programme


  • Rebel was using just 30 watts of power and coming in really well on the peaks and with very nice quality. It really is amazing what can be done with low power when the conditions are right. Listen to a recording here
  • It was good to hear Matrix for the first time in a while. Also running low power at less than 100 watts, his signal was coming in well - nice jingles also!
  • Barones was the strongest signal on the band as usual, with a super, long programme until around 0100 UTC. We started off by listening in the radio room and then listened in bed with a portable receiver! Take a look at the movie and you will see and hear near perfect reception


  1. Unfortunately the Barones video is currently responding as 'Private' and I'm sure this could be happening with everyone except yourself !

    I'm sure you want to share your glorious reception of 'Sir Baro'

    1. It should be working fine now Dave! Thanks for letting me know

  2. Working great thanks - and Baro is in fine voice too !