Sunday, June 10, 2012

Plenty of action

Another busy evening at the top of the MW band!

As usual, signals started arriving in England just before 2100 UTC and we heard a steady flow of stations . . . 

Saturday, June 9, 2012
1640       2044       Grutte Pier 35544 music programme
1636       2044       Keizer En Keizeren 24232 music programme
1629       2045       Unidentified station playing non-stop music 
1512       2052       Jaknikker 32532 music programme
1672       2100       Armada 35533-45444 music programme
1640       2122       Professor Sickbok 34333 music programme
1630       2139       Barcelona 45333-55444 music programme
1655       2157       Spakenburg 45333-45444 music programme
1675       2219       Nachtzwerver 25222 asking for report
1665       2231       Digitaal 44333-44444 report for Nachtzwerver
1646       2325       Casablanca 34333-45444 music programme


  • One of the strongest stations of the evening was Spakenburg, who was playing some music and English tunes on 1655 and getting a good response with plenty of messages on the telephone. Click here for a short recording
  • There was an interesting station on 1629 playing non-stop music from from The Shadows, Hermans Hermits, The Searchers, Mamas and Papas, Tom Jones and much more. No ID was heard but the signal had some good peaks
  • Nachtzwerver was a nice catch around 1675 in qso with Digitaal, who you can listen to by clicking here
  • Jaknikker was busy on 1512. The signal was fair but there were the usual foreign stations on the frequency. Batavia also tried the channel with a test, but we were unable to hear him
  • As I write this at 0100 UTC, Barcelona and Casablanca are still going strong with their music programmes

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