Sunday, June 03, 2012

Here comes the static!

Greetings from a wet and raining England! Signals from the Netherlands started arriving at our location at around 2000 on Saturday evening, but it took another couple of hours before they gained full strength. However, eventually stations were coming through very well, but with thunderstorms around the UK and Europe, there was a lot of static on the band, which made listening a little more difficult. However, the band was busy and this is what we heard . . .

Saturday, June 2, 2012
1650       2002       Moby Dick 25442. Later 45344 modulation test and music programme
1645       2003       Barones 35543. Later 54344 music programme
1625       2019       Relmus 44344 at 2300 music programme  
1645       2246       Digitaal 44344 report for Barones
1620       2248       Spakenburg 45344 qsoing
1633       2248       Barcelona 45344-55444 music programme
1655       2249       Euromast 35333 music programme
1675       2300       Orion West 35243 music programme
1665       2303       Polkaman 35243 music programme
1620       2305       Monte Carlo 35333 qsoing
1675       2315       Delmare 25232-35243 report for Orion West
1633       2321       Monte Carlo 35333 qsoing
1660       2330       Monte Carlo 35233 qsoing


  • Very nice indeed to hear Relmus back on MW with a powerful signal. He has made successful broadcasts with very low power in recent months, but he cranked up the big transmitter this evening and was broadcasting at the same time on 6210 kHz SW. The programme celebrated the birthday of Radio Wadloper, who was in the studio along with the Batavier, Doctor Einstein and Witte Reus. A full house! Click here for a recording from near the end of the show when the guests had gone home
  • Radio Barones was pumping out a powerful sound on 1645 (click here for a short recording), while Barcelona was also very strong on 1633, along with Spakenburg and Digitaal
  • Orion West has been a little quiet of late, so it was great to hear him on 1675 with some music before a qso with Delmare. Both stations had some good peaks through the static
  • Moby Dick was on the air for many hours, testing modulation and playing music until closedown at around 0200 UTC. You can listen to a recording of his signal by clicking here

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