Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Latest logs from England

Monday, May 28, 2012
1653       2120       Napoleon 45554 music programme
1665       2137       Polkaman 25432-35433 music programme
1629       2138       Powerliner music programme
1643       2145       Monte Carlo 35533-45544 music programme
1619       2208       Atletico 24422 music programme
1646       2245       Casablanca 43534 music programme

Sunday, May 27, 2012
1633       2220       Barcelona 35533-45534 music programme
1648       2225       Napoleon 34543 music programme
1638       2227       Witte Tornado 24522-44544 music programme

Tuesday, May 22, 2012
1645       2150       Euromast 45444 music programme
1633       2133       Barcelona 55344 music programme
1619       2133       Rebel 25332 music programme


  • As we write this entry, Monte Carlo has just closed down on 1643. We usually hear this station qsoing but it was very nice tonight to hear a music programme with mentions for many, many pirates throughout the Netherlands in a similar style to the Zonnester, who can be heard on 1620 on Sunday mornings. It would be nice to hear more of the same please! Conditions on the band this evening have been fair, and Monte Carlo was putting in a fine signal. Take a listen by clicking here
  • Superb to hear Napoleon back on the air with programmes tonight and last night (Sunday). It has been some time since we heard his relaxing style at the top of the MW, so welcome back Nappie! The signal was pretty good, and you can listen to a recording here
  • Every now and again we get a lot of noise around 1629 kHz. Tonight was one of those nights, and although we could reduce the interference with the MFJ1026, it was still difficult to get a clear copy of Powerliner who was busy on the frequency with a music show. The signal was fair, but the interference just too much
  • Atletico was doing well with just 45 watts on 1619. We clearly heard the ID without any help from the chatroom!
  • Although solar activity has been stable for the last few days, reception of the Dutch pirates on MW is still up and down. Roll on winter time!


  1. Monte Carlo radio 07/05/2013 1629 Mhz 20:30 -22: 45 in Yorkshire,UK 32223 Ant wellbrook loop,rig kenwood ts850s AT

    1. Sorry date wrong ! doh Monte Carlo radio 07/05/2015
      1629 Mhz

    2. Plenty of activity 1612,1620,1650,1670 khz German and Dutch stations I think Friday 08/05/2015 using wellbrook loop and Kenwood TS850S. cheshire, HULL,YORKSHIRE.