Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Huge signals

An afternoon and evening of ideal conditions resulted in some fine signals at this side of the North Sea today. Here's what I heard, together with my observations:

Freq Time Station name SINPO

Wednesday, November 24, 2021

1670 1339 Digitaal 35333 (m)

1640 1423 Rode Ster 35333, 45444 at 1513  (m)

1625 1444 Dolfijn 35443 (t)

1638 1522 Ros Am 35333-45444 (t)

1654 1544 Zwarte BMW 25222 (q)

1625 1546 Hemmeling 35443

1655 1547 Turfsteker 25222-35333 (q)

1665 1612 Vrolijke Mijnwerker 55444-55555 (t)

1654 1654 Zwarte BMW 35333-45444 (q)

1636 1725 Twentana 45444 (m)

1675 1732 Digitaal 55444-55555 (m)

1647 1741 Buurtsuper 25222-35333 (m)

1616 1853 Monza 45444 (q) report for Twentana

1638 1900 Morgenster 35333 (m)

1629 1904 Bluebird 55444-55555 (m)

1620 1912 Pecon 45444

1642 1914 Barones 55444-55555 (m). Later on 1654

1665 1950 Kleine Man 55444-55555 (m)

1616 1957 Orban 55444-55555 (t)

1645 2017 Speedy Gonzales en Mexicano 55444-55555 (t)

1611 2042 Zorro 32442 (m)

1675 2230 Digitaal 45444 (m)

1660 2243 Monte Carlo 35333 (r)

(m) = station was broadcasting a music programme
(q) = station was qsoing
(r) = station asking for a reception report from another station
(t) = station was testing



  • Regular readers will notice I don’t include unidentified stations in my lists - I never really see the point of doing so as there are Dutch pirates switching transmitters on and off all day when testing. However, one such station heard today deserves a mention. From around 4pm it was possible to hear non-stop music, mainly from the 1960s, on 1611 kHz, with old offshore pirate station jingles every now and again. Looking at signals on various SDRs, it seems this transmission was not coming from the Netherlands, but that is as much as I know - and I could be wrong! If anybody has any more information about this mysterious broadcast, then I’d love to find out more.
  • At around 1915 a huge signal planted itself on 1642 kHz. I kept my eyes and ears on it and soon the music started. I was pretty sure it was Orban testing as his signal is always very big over here, and his modulation packs a huge punch. However, after a few minutes there were some famous jingles and the mini mystery was solved. It wasn’t Orban, it was in fact Radio Barones, one of the most famous AM pirates from the Netherlands and still going strong with the same name over 40 years since he first started. I had sent a message to Baro only a couple of days earlier saying I hadn’t heard him on the radio for a while, so to hear him this evening was very welcome. I have spent many, many hours in his studios over the years, playing music into the early hours and downing beers as though there was a world shortage, so it’s always great to listen to this iconic station and reflect on those times.
  • Barones was hitting the maximum sinpo of 55555 at various points throughout the evening. But he was not alone. Also claiming that accolade was Orban - who did later switch on his transmitter on 1616 kHz - Vrolijke Mijnwerker, Digitaal, Bluebird, Speedy Gonzales and Kleine Man. Some superb conditions today which resulted in my signal meter regularly hitting 80% and sometimes in excess of 90%


  1. 1611 was a strange station!
    Keep up the good work, mate.

  2. Nice posting and video, also noticed the unusual station on 1611 with a very good signal when it wasn't located in the Netherlands. Greetz, Boomi.

  3. Thanks for posting the blog and the video is great to see. Cheers, Dave (WireUK)

  4. Great article .just started listening to this part of band picked up 4 different stations on 28 Nov.between 8pm and 9.on my sangean ats in essex. Will be listening out for more.cheers.

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  6. Good to have you back! Enjoy reading your blog even that it was around 35 years since that I used to listen to the Dutch MW-pirates.