Saturday, January 18, 2020

Busy Saturday

It's Saturday night as I write these words, and there has been plenty to listen to on the radio today, from late afternoon and into the evening. Here's what I've heard on the MW band from the Netherlands today and over the last few days:

Freq      Time     Station name SINPO Type of broadcast

Saturday, January 18, 2020
1655      1630      Digitaal 25342-35343 music programme
1615      1646      Ruimzicht 25342 music programme
1640      1646      Uniek 35443 music programme
1632      1647      Concorde weak signal music programme
1647      1654      Vendor 35443-45444 music programme
1655      1710      Skywire weak signal music programme
1633      1725      Ros Am 35333-45434 music programme
1670      1742      Bos Piraat 25342 testing
1660      1744      Turfsteker 25342 report for Bos Piraat
1670      1747      Matrix 25332-35443 music programme
1690      1750      Bos Piraat 25342-35343 testing
1647      1750      Keizer en Keizerin 35343 music programme
1655      1752      Nachtzwerver 35443 qsoing
1611      1902      Twentana 34333 music programme
1631      1907      Uniek 35443 music programme  
1660      2310      Monte Carlo 25222-35333 music programme   
1635      2312      Electron 35333 testing  
1615      2322      Zwarte Panter 25222 testing  

     Nice to catch some different names on air during a few busy hours at the top of the MW band today. Vendor was coming in loud and clear on 1647 kHz, for example, while Ros Am was also doing very well indeed with his very clear, clean and smooth modulation and famous voice a pleasure to listen to as always!
     It’s been a while since I heard Matrix on air, so it was a treat to hear his low-power signal on his usual channel of 1670 kHz. There were some great peaks on the signal, which was very listenable at times
     Bos Piraat was an interesting one. This was actually Mike Radio in disguise, "broadcasting from the forest" while he was testing a low power transmitter and small antenna, much different to his usual more powerful setup. He was very surprised with how the signal was carrying across the North Sea, first on 1670 and then on 1690 kHz. He has some plans for Sunday broadcasts on 1512 kHz in the coming weeks, so keep an ear out in-band

Friday, January 17, 2020
1637      1605      Barones 45454-55555 music programme
1631      1642      Concorde 35443 report for Barones
1646      1705      Boomerang 55444 testing
1655      1710      Digitaal 25342-35333 qsoing
1638      1737      Alabama 25322-45444 music programme
1632      1930      Belladonna 25332 music programme

     There were stunning conditions during the afternoon and early evening today, and listening to Barones on 1637 kHz was just like listening to a local station for much of the broadcast. There were some very deep and very slow fades but for lengthy durations the signal was very stready, very strong and sounded superb. Digitaal was also doing very well with just 30 watts on 1655 kHz
     Unfortunately those good conditions didn’t last into the night and by a couple of hours after sunset signals were unstable. The usual powerful signal of Alabama, for example, which started out with a SINPO of 45444 had fallen right down and he was drifting into the noise

Thursday, January 16, 2020
1636      0811      Torpedojager weak signal music programme

     A little check of the band after the sun has risen revealed Thursday morning regular Torpedojager on his usual frequency of 1636 kHz. Had I have tuned in an hour or so earlier when it was still dark outside, then the signal would have been considerably stronger

Wednesday, January 15, 2020
1627      1805      Oldtimer 44444 music programme
1633      1814      Noordzee 35443 qsoing
1633      1818      Telefunken 25332-35333 qsoing
1637      1820      Baanbreker 25332 qsoing
1644      1853      Boomerang 45444 modulation test
1633      1905      Concorde 25322-45444 music programme

     I’ve been listening to Concorde since he started on MW last year. He kicked off with a 50 watt transmitter but since then has upped the power a little bit, but crucially last summer he improved his antenna system. That change gave an instant improvement to the signal here in England and tonight he was arriving the best I’ve heard him. You can get a good idea from the recording above

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