Saturday, June 16, 2018

Dusting down the radios

Greetings from the UK. It's been a quiet few months for me on the radio front. I often listen a little less during the spring as conditions are far from optimum for tuning the MW band with much longer days and so a smaller window for tuning about. However, the longest day of the year is approaching, which can mean only one thing - the days will be getting shorter again very soon!

On Friday evening I dusted the radios and had a tune around to see what I could hear. And there were quite a few stations and some great signals. The powerhouse stations - Barones, Bluebird and Vrolijke Mijnwerker - were typically very strong and it was really good to hear all the voices I know so well for the first time in a while. Here's a rundown of the pirates I listened to as the weekend kicked off:

Freq    Time    Station SINPO

Friday, June 15, 2018
1635    1855    Bluebird 34443, later 55555 music programme
1642    1904    Kaaiman 24442 music programme
1620    2218    Barones 45444 music programme
1656    2219    Driland 33343-44444 music programme
1646    2220    Vrolijke Mijnwerker 55544 music programme
1630    2224    Monte Carlo 33343 qsoing
1656    2235    Alabama 44444 report for Driland
1645    2241    Monte Carlo 34333-44444 report for Mijnwerker
1665    2247    Polkaman 24322-34333 music programme
1649    2322    Jeneverstoker 24322 qsoing

You can see reception for yourself on this short film I made:

It was good to hear Radio Driland on Friday night - it's often only at Christmas and new year that I seem to hear him. He was suffering splatter from Mijnwerker for some of his transmission, but when his signal was alone it was peaking very nicely, as you can hear on this recording:

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  1. The radios are working well now you've dusted them down! Great log for mid year.