Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Farewell Jack Donio

Last Friday morning came the sad news that Jack Donio of Radio Morningstar had died at the age of 71. 

Jack was known in pirate circles as an innovator and produced captivating programmes that drew an enthusiastic audience. He could often be seen in his studio while on air as he live streamed his broadcasts. He was associated most with 1611 kHz, his regular frequency, which I often listened to via the SDR at Enschede. Jack also broadcast on shortwave, where his fascinating transmissions could be heard further afield.

Jack last tweeted @JackDonio on October 9, thanking everybody for their birthday greetings a day earlier.

Condolences to Jack's family, and thank you for all work pirate work over many years.


  1. I'll miss those tape decks spinning in the background of his ustream broadcasts and the 1611 broadcasts via twente sdr too.
    Farewell Jack.