Saturday, March 18, 2017

Zonnester raided

Bad news to report from the Netherlands. Radio Zonnester, a Sunday regular on 1620 kHz, was broadcasting on Friday morning and received a visit from officers of the Agentschap Telecom at around 0800.

The authorities were searching in the area for an FM pirate but were listening to MW at the same time. When Zonnester came up on the band, they took action to remove the station from the air.

Many Dutch MW pirates have received a letter from the AT in the last 12 months warning them to cease transmissions for the next five years or face a hefty financial fine. Zonnester is expected to receive the same letter. It is possible we will hear him before the letter arrives, but the future of the station is uncertain.

Other MW stations to have been ordered to stop tranmissions in the last year include: Japie De Sloper, Professor Sickbok, Blonde Zwerver, Zwarte Boekanier, Concordia, Sesam Junior, Turfsteker, Dokwerker.

We wish station operator Wim all the best.

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