Sunday, September 11, 2016

Happy memories

I've been listening to MW for the last half hour or so tonight. When I tuned in on this Sunday evening the first three stations I heard were Barones (1624), Matrix (1670) and Batavier (1615). By the strangest of coincidences these three Dutch pirates were all at our wedding nearly four years ago! 

Matrix and Batavier have now closed down for the evening, but Barones is still going strong with his usual powerful signal. 

I didn't get chance to listen too much last night, but I did catch a few stations. Polidor is one I don't hear very often so it was a change to get him coming in very well on 1644 kHz, while Blauwe Koe was on 1629 with a long programme in which plenty of alcohol seemed to be consumed! He eventually closed down at 0050 UTC, just before 0300 in the Netherlands!

Sunday, September 11, 2016
1638          1640         Bluebird 25342 music programme
1670          2018         Matrix 34343 music programme
1624          2018         Barones 55444-55555 music programme
1615          2018         Barones 24332-34443 music programme via Batavier
1615          2025         Batavier 34333-44444 music programme
1631          2027         Melkbus 23332 music programme      
1642          2033         Digitaal 44444 music programme 

Saturday, September 10, 2016
1644          2301         Polidor 44444 music programme
1648          2301         Moby Dick 44444 music programme
1629          2305         Blauwe Koe 35232-45444 music programme
1655          2310         Snowman 25322 music programme

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