Sunday, September 04, 2016

Breakfast time is best (if you're awake)

It's been a very quiet Sunday evening on the pirate radio scene - on SW and on MW - largely owing to poor propagation conditions. I was looking forward to catching some of the Free Radio Service Holland on 5800 kHz tonight, but the signal never made it here (unless I was checking at the wrong time) and the band remained very quiet all day.

I'm listening to Witte Tornado on 1647 as I write this and, although the signal is perfectly listenable, it is down on usual and the noise level is higher too. 

There was plenty of activity from the Netherlands on MW this morning, although I was too busy sleeping to actually try and catch any of it. I hear that Turftrekker started things going nice and early on 1620 kHz - a change from Zonnester or Bootsman who can usually be found on the frequency at this time. And when Turftrekker closed down there was an appearance from Zonneschijn.

What interested me the most though, was some in-band activity. Shortwave pirate Mike Radio recently tried MW for the first time, and this morning he was busy on 1593 kHz. Just down the band was Sunday morning regular Zwarte Valk on 1539, while Quintus was occupying 1512. Also broadcasting in the main part of the MW band was Antonio, broadcasting on 1422. 

I must try and wake up earlier next week in an attempt to hear some of these stations.

Here are some logs from this side to keep everything up to date. All times are UTC as usual, while the receiver is the Lowe HF225 and antenna the usual outdoor Wellbrook loop pointing directly towards the Netherlands.

Sunday, September 4, 2016
1647          1822         Witte Tornado 35333 music programme
1637          1824         Melkbus 24322 music programme
1640          1825         Veronica 25322 qsoing
1615          1832         Odynn weak signal music programme
1620          1841         Weduwe 35333 music programme
1638          2054         Bluebird 45444 music programme
1640          2200         Veronica 32432 report for Witte Tordano
1614          2202         Johan 45434 report for Witte Tornado
1645          2206         Monte Carlo 25222 report for Witte Tornado

Saturday, September 3, 2016
1620          2250         Barones 55444 music programme
1648          2252         Moby Dick 45333-45444 music programme
1654          2255         Snowman 33333 music programme
1630          2256         Noorderzon 24332-35333 music programme
1636          2258         Barones 35333 live relay
1636          2328         Radio England (Romax) 35333-45434
1625          2338         Pandora 55444 music programme

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