Sunday, August 07, 2016

Sunday star shining bright

Early on a Sunday morning is often a good time to catch Dutch MW pirates, and one regular on the band is Radio Zonnester. He was in action this morning, signing on at 0406 UTC, just after 5am here in the UK and 6am in the Netherlands:

His programme is very popular with other pirates who tune in before switching on their transmitters and giving him a report when he comes to the end of his broadcast. This morning he closed down at 0610 UTC and was then swamped with reports from stations including Zwarte Panter, Quiksilver, Bonte Specht, Casablanca, Noordzee, Cuaraco, Alpenjager, Monaco and Zender Johan.

At my location it is rare to hear Dutch MW pirates during the hours of daylight, but Zonnester was still coming through at 0730 local time today, around two hours after sunrise. That's pretty good going and he was the only station I could hear at that time - the other pirates giving him reports were inaudible here.

So if you're near a radio early on a Sunday morning have a quick tune around. Not only is 1620 a popular frequency (sometimes you can hear the Bootsman at a similar time), 1611 often has some activity (today was Zwarte Panter), while 1539 is also popular with regular broadcasts from Kleine Cowboy and Zwarte Valk.

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