Sunday, August 14, 2016

Just like autumn

What an evening it has been on 186 metres. Dutch pirate signals starting arriving from across the North Sea at just before 1800 UTC - they were weak at first as daylight continued but within 90 minutes they had picked up considerably and stations were coming in loud and clear. 

Propagation was a little volatile with signals changing quite quickly, but there was some super reception available which served as a timely taster of what we can expect as the days start to become shorter and the autumn arrives.

Earlier on Sunday I had been looking back at a post on the blog from a few months ago when I mentioned that Radio Sylvania and Dolfijn were back on air. I asked which old station might be the next to return to the airwaves. Well, today I heard the Smokkelkapitein, who has used various names down the years but has not been too active in recent times. His signal was also very fine here - you can listen to how I was receiving him on this soundclip also featuring Zwarte BMW, Monaco, Barones, Relmus, Columbia, Zwarte Panter and Zender Johan:

And here are my latest logs:

Sunday, August 14, 2016

1620          0415         Zonnester 35433-45444 music programme
1646          1753         Zwarte Bizon weak signal qsoing
1630          1756         Meteoor weak signal qsoing
1611          1814         Zwarte Panter (Oldenzaal) weak signal, 45444 at 1942 
1647          1942         Relmus 35343-45444 music programme
1620          1942         Monaco 45344 qsoing
1620          1945         Blauwe Piraat 25222 qsoing
1629          1945         Zwarte BMW 45444 qsoing
1632          1955         Barones 45444-55555 music programme
1622          1956         Monaco 35433-45444 qsoing
1645          2014         Zwarte BMW 44444 qsoing
1665          2014         Noorderzon 25222-35333 music programme
1620          2017         Smokkelkapitein 55444 qsoing
1638          2027         Vrolijke Mijnwerker 34333 qsoing
1641          2125         Turftrekker 55444-55555
1620          2125         Columbia 44444 music programme
1620          2207         Monte Carlo 44333 report for Columbia
1611          2214         Zender Johan 55444 qsoing
1610          2222         Monte Carlo 34333 qsoing

Saturday, August 13, 2016
1636          1935         Keizer en Keizerin 25222 music programme
1648          1940         Moby Dick 35333 music programme

Friday, August 12, 2016
1641          2324         Casablanca 45434 qsoing 
1611          2324         Barones 54444 music programme
1620          2333         Soerabaya 24222 qsoing
1622          2335         Jeneverstoker 34333 qsoing


  • Nice to hear Soerabaya on Friday evening for the first time in a while. He's on holiday from work at the moment so perhaps we will hear more from him in the coming days
  • Sunday was the first time I heard Monaco, but his voice was very familiar and one I've listened to many times. I even met him on one of my visits to the Netherlands a few years back
  • If you've listened to the recordings above you will have heard Relmus coming in loud and clear. Not bad at all considering he was using only 120 watts - a far cry from when running high power
  • Zwarte Panter (Oldenzaal) was a Sunday night regular some months back, so perhaps he'll be back on 1611 with a weekly programme now. His signal was peaking really well here
  • I don't hear Columbia too often so it was a surprise to catch him on the band tonight playing a selection of English records with international announcements too
  • Turftrekker was playing non-stop music on 1641 kHz, presumably testing his modulation which was particularly powerful, along with a powerhouse signal
  • Barones signed on with a report for the Zwarte BMW before launching into one of his lengthy entertaining transmissions on Sunday evening, through into the early hours of Monday morning. Along with Nooderzon on 1665, they were the last stations left on air when all the others had signed off for the night

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