Friday, November 27, 2015

More bad news

This morning I received an email from the operator of long-time pirate station Dokwerker, who told me he has sadly received a letter from the AT warning him about his activities on the airwaves. 

Dokwerker's signal was monitored by the Dutch authorities on September 12, and a letter arrived at his home two months later on November 12. With a hefty penalty to pay if he is heard broadcasting again during the next five years, it is likely we won't hear the station for the foreseeable future.

Dokwerker had been active as a pirate on and off since 1976 and more recently had been a Sunday morning regular. With less than 200 watts output power, the signal during wintertime in England was often pretty good.

It seems another MW pirate is lost and the band will become that little bit more empty. 

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